During this week’s tutorial we looked at how to incorporate the elements of space in dance. These elements included things such as direction, dimensions, shapes, formations, locomotion/non-locomotion, as well as a particular focus on general and personal space. The warm up for this tutorial was led by a student, which I believe in theory can be a very good idea as students will want to interact with their peers work, however, in practice I do think it is of great importance to allow students to decide for themselves if they would like to lead the warm-up as oppose to picking students as putting some students too far out of their comfort zone could actually damage any confidence they had built up. As our warm-up was led by a confident student we were able to explore some different elements of dance such as interpreting movements on different levels and in different directions.

A short activity in groups allowed us to use stimulus words such as arrow, wall, screw, and ball to gain perspective and create an 8 count routine that forced students to think cognitively in order to move around the space. Once again, feedback was immediate and extremely useful in terms of allowing us to adapt ourselves in order to create future teaching programs.

Finally a short routine of 2 counts of 8 was created and once again this was entirely student driven. Any style of movement was allowed to be used as 2 students demonstrated what they had come up with to the entire the class. The class then formed pairs before interpreting the routine they had just been taught with the added stimulus words of advance & retreat, above & below, through & around to add their own twist to the dance. The dance also had an overarching theme of homelessness and once pairs had come to a point where they were satisfied with their own interpretation of the dance, an auditory element was added and students were able to perform their dance to backing music.

(Still shot of a dance depicting the feeling of homelessness)

Overall, I think this last activity would be an extremely successful activity to run in a stage 3 class over a number of weeks. It allows students to be creative whilst also performing to a given set of stimuli.


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