In this week’s tutorial we looked at how dynamics and effort can affect the composition of dance. Through the use of given qualities such as sudden, sustained, heavy, light, direct and indirect, we explored how different movements can be controlled and implemented. After being broken into groups we were given a set of these qualities, for example, sudden/heavy, as well as stimulus words such as explode, punch and dart. In our groups we had to create s mall 8 count string of movements that we could then teach to the rest of the class. The great thing about this activity, is that it allows you to observe your peers, however, perhaps more importantly also allows to you receive immediate feedback as to how you might implement such an activity in the classroom.

It also cannot be denied that there is most definitely a value in integrating student generated moves within a class lesson as it will often lead to increased student engagement as most students will take pride in being able to perform their own small routine in front of their peers. Moreover, it this type of activity will help to develop the decision making skills of students (Stefanou et. al, 2004). However, in saying this, the use of teacher-designed choreography is still absolutely invaluable in the classroom as was noticed as we came together as class to perform a small routine (Matilda’s “Revolting Children”). Students will be able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment in working with their teacher and peers to create a well-rehearsed routine.




Stefanou, C.R., Perencevich, K.C., DiCinto, M. & Turner, J.C. (2004).


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