Although at first, it may seem tricky to integrate music into the wider curriculum, there are actually many options that will allow teachers to incorporate music in other subject areas. Through the tutorial, it was quite easy to see how one picture book could be used to create a number of activities, such as creating a rap, using instruments to represent characters and creating a treehouse with musical items to represent interpretations of the book. Moreover, “International research (e.g. Catterall, 2002, 2009; Deasey, 2002; Fiske, 1999) shows us unequivocally that ensuring that Arts experiences are at the centre of formal learning contexts, rather than relegated to the extra-curricular, has the potential to enhance students’ imaginative and creative capacities while improving their overall learning outcomes in other curriculum areas such as literacy and numeracy” (Ewing & Gibson, 2011, p.1). Therefore, as well as having focused music lessons, there should strive to plan cross-curricular lessons in order to engage students across KLAs.

A few examples of where music can fit into other KLA’s include:


  • Finding patterns within music
  • Counting beats per bar
  • Measuring lengths of bars
  • Surveys about preferred music


  • Poems
  • Lyrics
  • Story Structure
  • Creating music with a story as stimulus (e.g. Billy Goats Gruff)

Science and Tech

  • Experiments with vibrations
  • Sound waves and amplification
  • Appstore activities (Garage Band)
  • Size of a string or instrument effecting the sound produces
  • How soundproof rooms work

Creative Arts

  • Music in film
  • Drawing an instrument
  • How music sets a mood


  • Change in music over time
  • Music from around the world
  • Instruments used to mimic environmental sounds
  • Impact of music
  • Use of music in religious practice


  • Music to represent feelings/emotions
  • Different styles of dance



Ewing, R., & Gibson, R. (2011). Transforming the curriculum through the arts. Melbourne: Palgrave Macmillan.


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