During this week we looked at the actual performing and playing of instruments as well as learning how to read rhythms and melodies whilst creating simple accompaniments. Whilst there is no doubt that all aspects of music are important I think that the actual playing of music should be given an intensive focus as this the aspect of music that most students will look forward and take in enjoyment out of.  In fact it has been suggested that all children require an artistic outlet and that they playing of music may be a student’s vehicle of expression (Halloway, 2011). With this is mind, it is absolutely the role of the teacher to do everything they can to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable experience during music.

One resource that readily makes this a possibility is the Jellybeans Music program. The Jellybeans program that we used during the tutorial is one that supplies the following:

  • 10 great arrangements chosen for their diverse musical appeal.
  • Attractive large format score (63cm x 45cm)
  • Accompanying CD with LIVE music from Symphony Orchestras to Jazz Bands.
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s book with outcomes and indicators, graded sequence of learning, extension activities and glossary of terms for each piece.
  • Teaches the concepts of music – beat, rhythm, metre, tempo, tone colour, dynamics and structure with just a set of untuned classroom percussion instruments.

Through experiencing the Jellybeans music myself in the tutorial, I would say that this would be invaluable to have at any school. I think it’s great that they provide music that can be played untuned instruments with the latter being a great way to introduce students to reading sheet music.

As far as implications for my future teaching, I strongly believe that I could deliver quality music programs to students with the aid of the Jellybeans program.  The simply layout and use of different colours makes it very easy to cater for students and allow them to play different parts of a certain piece and is a great way to allow students to begin to explore the introductory concepts of music

An example of Jellybean sheet music for untuned percussive instruments. Instruments could be grouped based on their characteristics with each group playing a different colour


Halloway, S. (2011). Music In The Classroom. (3rd ed.). Surrey: Houghton Mifflin.

Link to My Jeallybeans Music: http://www.myjellybeansmusic.com/shopAU


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