Listening and Appreciating is a very important aspect of music that can often be overlooked in favour of the creation of music. There are five main aspects of music that students should be allowed to focus on and these are:

  • Duration
  • Structure
  • Pitch
  • Dynamics
  • Tone Colour

If teachers are able to play students music and give them structured questions to point them in the right direction to analyse the music (e.g Describe hoe the instruments are played – TC, Describe the temp – Dur) then students will be able to begin to have a better understanding and appreciation for the music being played. An app which would also help students to achieve this is garage band.


Garage Band is a great resource for all teachers and prospective teachers alike. It is very user friendly and in a world that is becoming more technologically accessible (meaning more schools have IPad’s/laptops etc), it gives students the ability to access a whole range of instruments that schools otherwise may not be able to afford.

As someone who is not naturally musically gifted, I found the app very easy to use once a small amount of teacher demonstration had been completed. I think in terms of future teaching practices, the idea of giving students a written task to complete (as we did during the tutorial) will be a great way to introduce students to new musical concepts with a guide, whilst at the same time allowing them to create a piece of work. Once they begin to get a handle on the app they could then have free play to create a piece of work on their own.

If students are able to progress to creating their own piece of work, the app then allows this music to be played back to the whole class. As a class you could try to identify the different instruments being used and decide how the composing students have played with dynamics, temp and rhythm. This overall activity would allow students, to plan, produce, listen and appreciate and could be very easily facilitated by the teacher.

Picture Reference:

Link to Garage Band App:


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